Beyond Plastic

Beyond Plastic marked a pivotal milestone in Grove Collaborative's ambitious five-year plan to combat the single-use plastic challenge plaguing home and personal care products. As the pioneer of an industry-first endeavor, Grove proudly declared its one-year anniversary of being 100% plastic-neutral at the time of launch, firmly pledging to achieve a fully plastic-free status by 2025.

The Goal

Our marketing team's goal was to amplify the groundbreaking Beyond Plastic initiative and elevate Grove Collaborative's brand awareness through social media amplification.

We wanted to foster a positive brand perception as a forward-thinking leader in sustainability and drive public engagement for the cause of environmental stewardship.

The Approach

To bolster brand awareness, we embarked on our first major celebrity brand partnership, enlisting Jonathan Van Ness to spearhead the campaign's announcement. Alongside the major brand partnership, we crafted an influencer marketing strategy, collaborating with sustainability, home, and wellness influencers on Instagram to ignite widespread excitement.

This fully integrated campaign united cross-functional teams, including creative, product, growth, social, and customer service, for an impactful execution.

Results & Impact

Collaborating with a network of 30 influencers, including the eminent Jonathan Van Ness, our campaign embraced predominantly micro and mid-tier Instagram influencers (20k - 500k followers).

We generated an impressive 1.5 million organic impressions, seamlessly blending with an additional 7+ million impressions from paid advertising efforts.

With a 3% conversion rate, we not only met but exceeded our targeted Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), attesting to the campaign's resounding success.

Our impact extended beyond social realms, as our campaign gained recognition in esteemed publications including Fast Company and Forbes, further solidifying our message's reach and resonance.

This campaign marked the bedrock of Grove's enduring Beyond Plastic initiative, now ingrained as a cornerstone of the company's identity. Since then, this initiative has flourished, forging partnerships with esteemed brands and celebrities such as Drew Barrymore. In an industry often marred by environmental concerns, Grove’s relentless commitment to sustainability stands as a source of immense pride. While Grove might be a small player in a vast landscape, they are resolutely setting an example worth following